I would like your help creating this page. These are personal testimonies from you that might help someone else understand the need for the visual arts. Please send me your comments and I will post them here.

Questions to ask yourself might be:

  • How have my child’s motor skills improved?
  • Do I see more care and planning on Art related school projects?
  • Do they now understand what all the different pencils can do?
  • Have their drawings developed more details?
  • Do they now have more of a tendency to see a project get finished?
  • Have they applied different techniques and/or designs we learned in class with other art projects on their own?
  • Have they been inspired to make their own creations as gifts for others?
  • Are they learning to “really see” how things around them look?

These are just a few of the things I can think of. I’m sure there are more. This is where I need to have your help, to find out more! Not only will you be helping others but you will be helping me too! I will be encouraged to know that this is a valuable resource to have for your child. I love what I’m doing and I hope that you and your child do too!

Thank you, Paulette


My daughter really enjoys these classes. She loves the teacher, class size, and variety of projects. She has gone to other art centers in the area, but prefers these classes with Mrs. Paulette.

Amy (Katie’s mom)


My daughter first took the painting class with Ms. Paulette and soon began asking to take the drawing class as well.  She has just finished her third session and anxious to sign up for the upcoming summer camps.  Not only does she bring home beautiful art work to hang on the walls, but I have noticed an increase in her confidence with making new friends as well as improvement with anxiety. She looks forward to not only the classes and projects themselves, but socializing with a whole new group of kids in a small setting.

I’m thrilled with her new found interest and talent that she has shown in taking these classes, but also how she had grown individually.

Whether you are looking to foster your child’s talent, interests or just looking for a way for them to express themselves in a positive way, I highly recommend Kid’s Art Club!

Amber D. (Reagan’s Mom)

Kids Art Club came along in my son’s life at the perfect time. He was having some behavior issues in school & needed a place to focus but not in the usual sports venue. He was “art minded” & Miss Paulette has been able to nurture his talent & help him to grow. He has been going for about 5 years now! He LOVES going to art & he also picks up his sketch pad when he’s bored. He’s been able to make a business for himself (at age 12) by selling his pieces & also doing custom pieces for others. He’s already said he’s never going to age out of class, he’ll be going forever.  Thank you Paulette for helping him to love art even more & to find his niche!

Jackie V. (Jack’s Mom)


I am so happy that we found Kids Art Club over a year ago. I have three children and all of my kids love attending Kids Art Club. It is a perfect fit for each of them. My oldest (9 yr) who is very passionate about art, is challenged and is constantly learning new techniques from Kids Art Club. My daughter is so excited about these new skills that she is learning in her painting and drawing classes, that she teaches them to our family and she uses them in her projects at home. Kids Art Club is also a perfect fit for my other two kids (8 & 6 yr) that just enjoy doing art. They love attending the wide variety of summer camps that are offered. Miss Paulette is an amazing teacher! She truly and sincerely cares about the children and inspires them in so many ways. The projects she picks out are always fun for the kids and are adorable. I highly recommend Kids Art Club!

Kim D. (Meier’s Mom)


I normally do not post on Facebook, but this program is beyond worthy for everyone to know how absolutely wonderful it is for our kids. Paulette is not only a wonderful teacher, but she truly cares about each and every child. I have watched my daughter grow as an artist and as a young lady. Paulette truly develops the whole individual, and makes each one of her budding artists feel special and accomplished. My daughter has taken about five camps, and we plan to do many, many more. Paulette always has something unique and creative up her sleeve, and I absolutely love all of my daughter’s creations. You have to love it when you are starting your own art gallery at home…all unique and all done by your own child’s hands. I highly recommend Paulette’s Kids Art Club to everyone!! We are looking forward to many more years with Paulette!! Thank you so much Paulette for bringing the world of art to our youth!!

Dawn H. (Kallie’s Mom)


My daughter loves art and we were thrilled to find Miss Paulette’s class this year! My daughter took a drawing class in the spring and then her and her sister took 2 summer camps. They both just loved it and they were so proud of their creations. Miss Paulette does a great introductory class for beginners to really explain the different pencils and supplies; extremely helpful for young artist just beginning to learn about new techniques. Plus getting to display your art at DQ was a huge ego boost to my 7 year old. We can’t wait for the fall classes to start!

Marianne E. (Kayla’s Mom)


“I started taking my daughter to Kids Art Club two years ago at the referral of a friend.  Simply, I am pleased to have seen her artistic skills greatly improve at the direction of a very talented woman.  But much beyond that, I am thrilled to have watched her grow and mature into a confident young artist, who no longer fears mistakes, but embraces them as part of her growing creativity.  Paulette is skilled at instructing and encouraging every young artist – from the most reluctant – to the eager, more experienced learners.

As a homeschool parent, I strive to provide my child with a variety of social opportunities and have participated in many different programs.  The children at Kids Art Club are the kindest, most polite, and considerate children I have come to know.  Paulette always treats the children with a great deal of courtesy and respect and the children respond in a positive way.  She always provides an encouraging attitude and a positive atmosphere. The children in her home are offered a sense of belonging – no matter their level of skill.

I have been honored that Paulette has allowed me to sit in on many classes.  I have come to know her and her kiddos well and have a great deal of respect for her talent and for her personally.

Kids Art Club is a place where all children fit in and feel at home.”

Melissa T. (Gracie’s Mom)


“Mya has been taking art classes with Paulette for the last 3 years.  She absolutely loves the wonderful and creative projects they do in each class.  It has been a very positive experience for Mya and has helped build her self esteem.  If you have a student who enjoys art this is “must do”!  You will be amazed of the creativity Paulette is able to inspire your child to accomplish.”

Renee (Mya’s Mom)


“A couple of years ago, I began to realize that my granddaughter has artistic ability just as her mother had.  I ran across a flyer about Paulette’s Kids’ Art and enrolled her in a class hoping this would encourage her to become cognizant of her artistic potential.  She liked Paulette’s classes so much that she is still attending classes and looks forward to each and every one.   Paulette has inspired her to realize that her imaginary and artistic boundaries are limitless.  She now pays more attention to detail and devotes more time to the planning and creating stage on any project, even on rearranging her bedroom!   She can’t wait to show her work to family and friends and we can’t wait to see them!”

Donna (grandmother of Rhea)


“My daughter looks forward to attending camp with Paulette!  She talks about the fun she has and is so proud of her accomplishments.”

Angie (mother of Layna)

“Both my son and daughter love these classes. They took painting last summer and my daughter took a clay class this summer. They are always very proud of their work. I have their artwork hanging in my house. I love it. They always look forward to coming to classes. It’s obvious Paulette enjoys working with the kids. My kids especially love her dog Hairy.”

Rachel (Rolland 10 & Eva 9)


“My daughter LOVES the Kids Art Club classes offered at various times along with the summer camps. She has been taking classes for a few years with Mrs. Paulette and has learned so much. She talked me into having a paint party and since then we have had 2 more and plan on another one this fall.”

Kay H. (mother of Sarah)

“My daughter loves art and has been working with Miss Paulette for a few years, learning and growing with each class and camp.  Paulette clearly loves what she does, and her passion engages her students and ignites a love of all things artistic in the next generation…what a gift!”

Shannon M. (mother of MariEva)

“My two girls have taken a drawing, painting class and participated in the clay camp offered by Paulette.  The girls have absolutely loved going to Paulette’s home.  They always talk about how nice Paulette is and how much they enjoy making their ‘latest’ creations.  I have personally been very impressed with how much the girls have learned and how professional they sound (ex. talking about shadowing, brush names/techniques, etc.)  I also have been very impressed with their artwork!  They brought home the cutest animals from clay camp which they will have forever to enjoy.  I would highly recommend Kids Art Club to anyone!  Thanks Paulette for offering such a fun, informative alternative for kids.”

Kristi W. (mother of Delanie and Mckenna)

“My girls, Riley, 10 and Nora, 9 have been taking art classes from Paulette at her home since they have each been 7. Not only have they created and learned so much, but also they absolutely love seeing Miss Paulette. I sometimes wonder if I am just signing them up so they can see her. However, I feel our family benefits the most since we get beautiful art creations showing what the girls have learned. She provides guidance where it is needed and yet knows when to give the kids space so they create using their own inspiration. With as many classes we have signed up for, Paulette has been creative in her own way…she never does the same project twice and they are always painting on different mediums – wood, canvas, paper, etc. So nothing is repeated even if you sign up for all 3 sessions in one year.”

Missy T. (mother of Riley and Nora)

“My daughter started art classes this summer to fill up some of her time.  Once the classes began she just couldn’t wait for the next class to get here!  She LOVED them!  Lauren has always been artistic, but after the first class she was able to tell me about different paint brushes, what they each did, and how to clean them correctly. She not only loves painting but now she sounds like a “little art teacher.”  Now she paints more often at home and is more focused on the details and takes pride in her work.  Her session is not over yet but is already asking about signing her up for the next class.  Thanks Paulette for opening up your home to children who love art!  What a treasure we found this summer! ”

Kim C. (mother of Lauren age 7)

“I’m amazed how much our daughter, Emily, has advanced with her drawing skills. Your classes have been a huge help to her and a great source of encouragement, too! It’s so fun to watch her draw. She gets so completely absorbed in what she’s doing. I can tell it’s very fulfilling to her. What’s very pleasing to me and her Dad is that this is something she can enjoy all her life.”

Ellen G. (mother of Emily age 11)

“Our son Carter has been involved with Kids Art Club for a little while now and it has been wonderful for his development. He is a literal thinker but with a great imagination. Art has helped him to expand his mind in ways that he can’t get from a textbook. The artwork he was bringing home from school prompted us to look into an outside program and Kids Art Club was the perfect fit. Paulette has taught him techniques in shading and perspective that have really helped him to put on paper the images he has in his mind. We are proud to display the pieces that he brings home and he is proud of what he can accomplish. We would highly recommend Kids Art Club and will be enrolling our other children as they become of age.”

Monica M. (mother of Carter age 10)

“When we signed our daughter up for an art class, we thought we were expanding her drawing abilities.  Little did we know how much she would learn under Miss Paulette’s teaching abilities!  Her artwork became a Christmas card for us one year and her confidence in drawing has grown tremendously.  Paulette is a great encourager as well as a fantastic art teacher.”

Joanna C. (mother of Kristiana age 11)

“My daughter has been going to the drawing classes at “Miss Paulette’s” for a couple of years now and she really enjoys it.  It’s the highlight of her week.  She’s really learned a lot and she has brought home some very impressive work.  Thank you, Paulette, for sharing your talent and enthusiasm for art!”

Ellen G. (mother of Emily age 10)

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to offer this wonderful class to my children. Both my daughter and son love to draw and this was a great way to expand their interest in art.  My kids enjoyed the art class so much and this created the experience for them to bond and do something together that they both enjoy so much. You are truly an inspiration to my kids and we look forward to the summer session. Thank you so much !”

Paula H. (mother of Lexi age 9 and Ryan age- 8)

“I just wanted to Thank you again for the past 2 art sessions. The boys loved it. They have always loved to draw & color but now you have taught them simple step-by-step instructions so they can make great drawings. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you in the winter session.”

Karyn S. (mother of Christian age 11 and Drew age 8)

“My daughters started attending Kids Art Club this past year at the suggestion of a friend. They were a little hesitant about attending (not knowing anything about it). But after the first class they were hooked. It was all they would talk about to family and friends. My husband and I are truly amazed by the artwork they bring home. Their artistic skills have improved greatly. This is such a wonderful program to have so close to home.”

Lisa F. (mother of Ellie age 11and Whitley age 8)

Kids Art Club has given my daughter the opportunity to further her artistic abilities. Ms. Paulette is an awesome teacher! She keeps the classes small in order to give the students wonderful individualized attention! The projects are awesome! My daughter, Meghan, loves bringing them home to me when they are finished. It gives her such a great feeling when I display her artwork in her room and around the house. I’m very impressed by what she brings home. I would highly recommend Ms. Paulette’s art classes! A++++++++++++

Missy (mother of Meghan, age 11)

“What started out as a birthday gift from my daughter’s grandmother, has turned into a two-year creative experience full of growth and development way beyond pencils, paint & brushes. Not only has she learned techniques to improve her art, she has become much more confident in just being creative and doing something a little different and unexpected. Paulette is a wonderful teacher, shows excitement in her work, and has great projects for her students. My daughter looks forward to her classes and I look forward to seeing her excitement come though in her work. It’s priceless!!”

Deborah (mother of Alisse, age 8)

My daughter has attended Kids Art Club for many years & it has been a GREAT experience! She has learned how to work with a variety of materials in unique ways to create fun & serious drawings. I have been most impressed at her shading techniques & small details to make her art come alive. My daughter has always be interested in art, but since participating in Kids Art Club, she is now more advanced & confident in her skills. She is now considering going into scenic artwork when she grows up! I feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful art club in my town. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND KIDS ART CLUB to everyone!”

Deanna B. (mother of Cambrie, age 13)

“My daughter has attended the Kids Art Club for a couple of years now and she LOVES it!! She has done the drawing and the painting classes and has really learned a lot of new skills. Finally, a place for her to express her artistic talent and learn to improve her God given talent.”

Brandi (mother of Abigail, age 9)

“My daughter has attended the drawing and painting classes instructed by Paulette for years. The artwork we have proudly displayed in our home is amazing. Her artistic abilities at age 13 – fantastic!”

Tammy (mother of Taylor)