Clay Classes

I am not offering a 6-week clay class this spring session. I will offer a two-day clay camp this summer where we will use sculpey clay.

When I do have the 6-week clay classes, we will use sculpey clay which is easy to work with and bakes in the oven. I will teach slab making, coils and pinch pots. I encourage creativity in new students and returning students. Returning students will be required to use the skills they’ve learned in creating new pieces. I will give them assignments asking them to use one, two or all three of the skills they’ve learned. I will help them with ideas of course!

After creating their pieces, they will use paints or pigments to color them. It’s fun working in a 3-D dimensional stage. And learning what you can and cannot do with clay. My goal is for the success of the student and for them to have fun!

Past Clay Projects

Here are some pieces that have been made in earlier classes.