About Me

I was born in St. Louis and lived there most of my life. I have a Commercial Art Degree and have been involved in the art field for over 29 years. While living in St. Louis I worked at United Van Lines and Maritz Motivation. I worked as a production artist, designer and illustrator. These environments were very rewarding and challenging. After we had our first child I was able to stay home with him. A few years later I took a painting class and started a part-time career painting and doing crafts for craft shows. I always say “Painting is my Passion”. I did this for many years and learned a lot of different techniques.

In 1994 we moved to Highland. I started Kids Art Club in 2001 with the hope of sharing my love of art with children ages 7 – 14 in the Highland Area. I’ve always enjoyed art, even as a child. I always enjoy the experience of creating and the wonderful journey it takes you on. I believe we can all be creative beings if we possess the desire and drive. Learning different techniques and what different tools of the trade are used for, form the foundation upon which good artwork is created.

I enjoy filling a need for kids that want to learn more about drawing and painting. I am happy to show them what I’ve learned throughout the years. I am continuing to learn from my students and at the same time I am very blessed by their dedication to learn more.

There are currently four sessions throughout the year. They start at different intervals, usually winter, spring, summer and fall. All classes are taught by me. Classes meet once a week in my home.

I am very thankful to the parents in the community who have supported me throughout these years. I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet so many nice parents, grand parents and children. I look forward to another wonderful year.

Thank you, Paulette Todd