The painting class runs 2 hours. We work with acrylic paints, mostly on wood and canvas. Paint, wood, canvas and other materials are supplied by me and included in the cost. The chosen projects are fun and usually seasonal. Two or three projects are usually finished during a six-week session.

Base painting and detail painting skills are taught. Detail painting can include float shading, highlighting, sponging, dry brushing, antiquing, lining and splattering. When appropriate, students make their own color choices.

Students purchase their own set of brushes and bring them with them each week. Returning students can use the brushes they already have. Acrylic paints don’t easily wash out of clothing so it is necessary for each student to bring an old short-sleeve paint shirt.

Past Painting Projects

Painting is my passion and I love sharing it with your children! Believe me, the 2 hours fly by! View some of the projects we’ve created in the past. Please keep in mind that I painted these samples, not the kids. To see some of the kid’s artwork, click on the Art Gallery link.