Art Gallery

Visit to help me create our school’s online art gallery. Showcase your child’s creative talent! It’s free and easy. As their teacher, I especially like the fact that it’s completely safe. Only their first name and school grade is published.

Parents submit artwork created by their own children, sharing creativity with friends and family everywhere. Kids develop a new sense of pride and feel like famous artists published in a museum. Family and friends view the artwork, join fan clubs and leave personal comments for the artists.

Publish and purchase your child’s artwork on items such as greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs, magnets, key chains, etc. as a Kids Art Club fund raiser.

Watch your child’s work ethic improve because they know they will be published on line. Knowing thousands of others will be viewing their artwork will be a great motivator.

Art Galleries

Abstract Canvases 2013
DQ Art Show March 2012
DQ Art Show Feb. 2012
DQ Art Show 2009
DQ Art Show 2008
Art in the Park 2008

Summer Camps 2018

Wow! What a busy summer this was! I offered 6 different camps and most of them were full! It was a lot of FUN!! Thanks to all the parents and kids who came and supported me. You’re the best!

June 5 “Mom and Me” Camp                                  June 29 “Mom and Me” Camp         



July 12 “Mom and Me” Camp                                   July 26 “Mom and Me” Camp



Clay Camp June 7 – 8

Clay Camp July 10 – 11

Flip Flop Summer Fun Camp June 12 – 15


Fun with Foam Camp June 19 – 21


Fun with Foam Camp July 31 – Aug. 2

Scribble Critters Collage Camp July 16 – 20


Underwater Sea Otters Camp July 23 – 25

Summer Camps 2016

Once again it was so much fun! There were 7 different art camps to choose from. Thanks to all the parents and kids who came and supported me! What a great, creative summer!

Summer Camps 2015

This was a busy summer with 7 art camps! Check out these pics to see some awesome artwork. These camps offered lots of fun and creativity. Thanks to everyone who participated!