Drawing, Painting and Clay Classes for Children

Do you have a budding artist at home? Do you have a child who is always drawing or creating? I have the place for them!

Kids Art Club offers drawing, painting and clay classes to children ages 7 to 14. Kids Art Club was established in 2001. Classes are small and limited to 7 students each. We meet once a week in my home. All classes are taught by Paulette Todd who has a Commercial Art Degree and has worked in the art field for over 30 years.

There are 3 six-week sessions a year usually starting in January, April and September. Exact starting dates may vary slightly. I also offer several summer camps. All projects are carefully chosen in order to encourage creativity. Projects are chosen to challenge yet be achievable. To see what projects have been done in the past, visit drawing projects, painting projects,  or clay projects. Projects are always new and not repeated unless it is in demand.

You may enroll in all three classes in the same session. Drawing classes are offered for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. To learn more about the classes visit the drawing,  painting or clay pages.

hairy's pic for websiteWe do have an inside dog whose name is Hairy. I wanted you to know in case your child is allergic to dogs or afraid. Hairy is very friendly. He is 65 pounds. He loves kids but doesn’t jump.We got him 6 years ago and he’s proven to be a real asset to my business. The kids all love him and he LOVES kids!

He loves to show off his tricks too!

Thank you, Paulette Todd